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The Tiny Kitchen Story

One girl, a big dog, a couple of cats, a few chickens, a herd of cows, and one really tiny kitchen.


In 2011, I moved back to the farm in rural Ohio that I had grown up on, and began the challenge of running an 85 acre cattle farm. 

With a DIY attitude, I immersed myself in becoming more self-sufficient: growing and making... drying and canning... homebrewing and wine-making... beekeeping and chicken-raising... and in 2014 I added soapmaking to my arsenal of skills.

Sick of trying to find "natural" products that didn't contain all manner of weird chemical and petroleum-based ingredients, I headed into my tiny little kitchen and began formulating and making as many products that I could. In 2015, Tiny Kitchen Soap Co. was born. 

Tiny Kitchen Soap Co. natural home and body products are all formulated and handmade without any artificial fragrances or colors... only all-natural, pure essential oils and botanicals. There are never any secret or hidden ingredients, and all ingredients are listed by name on every product.

  • Never tested on animals
  • Vegan (except for products containing beeswax or wool)
  • Sustainable / Fair Trade / Organic / Local ingredients are sourced when possible

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Owner / Soapmaker / Farmer

photo by www.smalllhousemodels.com


Tiny Kitchen Soap Co. is a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild.