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Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

$ 29.99

100% wool dryer balls fluff and separate your clothes while they're drying. They help to reduce the time it takes for the load to dry, and are a natural way to help soften clothes without using chemical fabric softeners. These triple-felted Dryer Balls last for years and 1000s of loads.

Dryer balls are unscented and handmade completely of natural, undyed virgin wool. To lightly scent your clothes without using drying sheets, add a few spritzes of your favorite Tiny Kitchen essential oil Linen & Room Spray or a few drops of Essential Oil. Reapply when the scent fades.

The dryer balls all vary slightly in size , but are 2 oz each and approximately 3" in diameter (about tennis ball size).

Dryer balls are friendly, social creatures and work best in multiples. Ours are sold in a set of four.

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